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P3 Fixed Header
Fixed Header is a SharePoint 2013 Sandbox feature which Shows list header on every page scroll.


Steps to install P3.Modules.Sharepoint.FixedHeaderS


1. Upload base solution P3.Modules.Core.wsp to * -> Site settings -> solutions



 (If its not a top level site, click on 'Go to top level site settings')

On top level site settings,

 and activate the solution after uploading the wsp by Clicking on down arrow button next to P3.Modules.Core and clicking on 'Activate' button.
2. Deploy P3.Modules.Sharepoint.FixedHeaderS.wsp by uploading the wsp to *->Site settings -> solutions  and activating the solution after uploading the wsp. [Same way as deploying P3.Modules.Core in above step]
3. First activate core feature by * ->Site settings ->manage site feature on the required site

 then find 'P3.Modules.Core' feature in the list and activate it by clicking on activate button next to it.

4.  Activate web feature by * -> Site settings ->manage site feature on the required site, and then activating 'P3.Modules.Sharepoint.FixedHeaderS Web Feature1' feature  (Similar to step 3 P3.Modules.Core activation)

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